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The leading Spanish copper producer


For over four decades we have been steadily working here at Atlantic Copper, creating jobs and wealth for the local community. We are the number-one firm in Huelva in terms of turnover (more than 2,000 million euros per year) and one of Spain’s leading industrial companies.

Atlantic Copper is Andalusia´s number one exporter


What we do has an essential impact on the local and regional economy. It makes up healthy percentages of the total gross added value and GDP of the province of Huelva and its industrial sector. We are one of the top contributors to municipal finances, through the taxes and rates we pay as a part of doing business.


At Atlantic Copper, we feel it our responsibility to be one of the prime economic dynamic forces in our area of influence, and we behave accordingly. Proof of this attitude can be seen in the capital investment to maintain and innovate our facilities and adapting our processes to use the best available techniques, more than 250 million euros in the last two decades, showing that we are here to stay and we have long-term confidence in Huelva as an industrial location.

Raw materials reception and finished product shipping account for a key portion of the yearly turnover earned by Huelva Port and local stevedoring companies. The company moves more than two and a half million tons of goods, including copper ore, refined copper, sulfuric acid and iron silicate.

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