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Training and Career Development

At Atlantic Copper, training is key for reaching our target of ongoing improvement, a target that applies to each of the people at the company.

Safety and risk prevention, environmental friendliness, technological know-how and quality are mainstreamed throughout employee training, alongside specific training designed for each particular job.


The fundamental objective of training at Atlantic Copper is to teach and inform all employees about safety matters. Knowledge is the foundation for occupational safety. So, training and development are regarded as key tools for forging a safe workforce prepared to discharge the required functions in the best possible way at all times.

Everybody connected with the company, whether as an employee, an intern, a subcontractor’s employee or in any other capacity, receives general plant risk training, regardless of the functions he or she is going to perform.

Just as soon as a new employee joins Atlantic Copper, the training plan kicks in. The plan has two parts, a general portion that covers principles of business conduct and training about the company as a whole (production process, internal rules, etc.) and a customized individual portion.

Career Development

If we are going to reach the objectives we have set for ourselves here at Atlantic Copper, responsibility for workforce planning and each employee’s career development has to be a fundamental factor of human resource management, because our success can be traced directly to the career success of the members of our workforce.

Training and development form a strategic priority, that of analyzing and covering training needs with an annual training plan. Training activity is supplemented with development activities focused on identifying and nurturing home-grown talent, by establishing mechanisms for mainstreaming succession, development and career plans into the daily executive management work done at Atlantic Copper.

Training and development activities are implemented using a combination of the company’s own resources and outside resources. Our employees are trained at fine institutions, business schools, the IE Business Institute, the IESE Business School, and specialized schools like the Spanish Marine Institute and the Spanish Welding Association (CESOL), and by experts in environmental and safety issues, like Dupont, the EOI Business School, the Spanish Quality Association and the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR).

Atlantic Copper makes a considerable contribution to society through its work to share knowledge. The company participates significantly in master’s degree programs in a teaching capacity. It lends a hand in the maintenance engineering master’s degree program at the University of Huelva and classes at the School of Mining of Madrid. Atlantic Copper also helps other schools by arranging tours of our facilities and giving talks about our work and the world of work in general. In addition to these activities, we have internships at our facilities, not just for students enrolled in the programs we have partnerships with, but also for students of vocational training programs, universities and business schools who look to us for experience and contact with the job market.

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