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Marketing & Logistics

Atlantic Copper has a very wide range of clients. Sales are split practically half-and-half between the domestic market and the international market.

Atlantic Copper has flexible, modern logistics infrastructure that enables it to trade with more than 20 countries every year.


Forty-five percent of our star product, copper cathodes, is exported, primarily to the Mediterranean Basin, the Middle East and Europe. Similarly, 70% of the sulfuric acid we produce is also exported.

Of our other products, all anode slime, nickel carbonate and copper telluride are exported, as is 70% of the silicate and iron beads we produce.>

Atlantic Copper’s exports, which exceeded 1,000 million euros for the first time in 2012, firmly establish the company as one of the most dynamic exporters in Spain and the export leader in Andalusia.

Atlantic Copper has flexible logistics infrastructure that is perfectly suited for receiving raw materials and shipping out end products by road, ship and rail. To move sulfuric acid, we have three quays for ships carrying between 6,000 and 25,000 deadweight tons.

Atlantic Copper’s business generates 10% of the harbor traffic in Huelva; it moves more than three hundred ships a year, between purchases and sales. Overland shipments, between raw materials received and products shipped out, move around 2.5 million tons a year, which means more than a hundred thousand lorry trips per year.

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