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Sustainable Development

Sustainable development seeks to satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the capability of future generations to cover their own needs.

The world is caught up in a never-ending flow of progress, thanks to human innovation and new technologies. We can see it in renewable energy, electric vehicles, stronger, lighter alloys and high-tech devices. In all these applications, copper is essential.


That is exactly what our company’s activity focuses on, in the way we operate, in the social function we are called on to perform and in the role our main product, copper, plays in satisfying the needs of society and providing quality of life.

Our orientation toward sustainable development combines three essential elements, economic achievement, environmental friendliness and social development, by means of our engagement with and commitment to our stakeholders. By achieving excellence in these three areas, we feel the pride of  attaining our corporate objectives.

Since 2013 we have been Members of the Board of Trustees of the foundation “Society and Responsible Enterprise” (Sociedad y Empresa Responsable, or SERES). 

In 2014 Atlantic Copper have obtained SR10 IQnet Certificate, being at this point  one of the 49 Companies in the World  to obtain it and which consolidates the sustainable development  strategy established by the company.